Sonia Gontán


Art consultancy.

Expert in digital communication for the arts


@Proyect for Nordic Standard

Art investment

Art services for your own property.

Unique pieces made by renowned artists.

Art in your home

Start your own art collection.

I will help you to focalize your investment in the art world.

I do collaborations with both galleries and artists.

@Proyect for Nordic Standard

Proyect for Nordic Standard. Art Ciuco Gutierrez

Art Services

All the images Francisco Ferrera.


Curatorial projects


Communications and Cultural Program Director at Ett rum.

Curator at "Objeto: Proceso y Reflexión": Artists: Justino del casar, Regina Dejiménez, Ícaro Maiterena, Cristina Vallejo, Carlos Villoslada, Carmelo Zappulla (External Reference).

Collectors Program Manager at CAN ART Ibiza 2023.

Comisariado exposición "Oda" sala Borrón, Oviedo. Principado de Asturias.

Platea. Los Fotógrafos Miran al cine. AC/E

Research work on artists' archives.